Another Sky : A Feeling

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Another Sky. They arrived on the scene with an almost Radiohead-esque style of intricate instrumentation that provided a compelling backdrop to Caitrin Vincent’s remarkable voice.

They made a comeback earlier this year with the juddering track “Psychopath.” Embracing the noise wasn’t a one-off for them, as their electrifying latest single, ‘A Feeling,’ is even heavier, more direct and unlike anything on their debut album, “I Slept On The Floor.” It certainly delivers a powerful punch and heralds a new era for the hugely talented South London quartet.

Vocalist Catrin Vincent says of the track – 

“‘A Feeling’ was written after a conversation with an ultra-capitalist. I lost my job in lockdown and they said I should accept it was my punishment for “just not working hard enough.”

It was around the time of Mollie May and Kim Kardashian saying things like, “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day”. With everyone in lockdown, social media exploded. We were all hunting each other, lecturing each other and telling each other how to survive, without thinking of the different circumstances people live in. 

The song is bitter, but hopefully something a lot of people can relate to and find catharsis in. I was reminded of all my least favourite bosses and authority figures. I felt like I’d lost the strength to argue facts, and all I was left with was a feeling”

The band have also announced a headline show at London’s Lafayette for 8th November 2023. Tickets are on sale now here.

Catrin adds –

“The new music explores duality and polarity; fear and love, facts and feelings, outer chaos and inner peace.

Our London show is going to be a full visual representation of that. We’re doing something we’ve never done before to really try and create a unique experience for our fans.”

In their three-year absence, the band (Vincent, Jack Gilbert, Naomi Le Dune & Max Doohan) have not only been writing and producing new music but have built a brand-new studio from scratch in the crypt of a Church. More info to follow on that new music soon.

The news of their return came with an announcement of their signing to Republic Records in the US. “Who knew a song in 5/4 timing [‘Psychopath’] would get you signed to a US major label?” quips Vincent. The band continues to work with Fiction Records in the rest of the world.

Live Dates –

8th November          Lafayette, London

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