Anto Dust: Black City

Anto Dust, is the musical project of Anto Cossu,  a skilled musician and composer originally from the island of Sardinia but now based in London. She is set to release a 10-track album, which will include today’s track of the day “Black City.”

Its a mesmerising track that fuses dream pop and cinematic soundscapes, featuring the soulful voice of Welsh singer-songwriter Tomas Eames. Eames’ vocals add a touch of Matt Berninger’s world-weariness lending a melancholic depth to the track,  while Anto’s ethereal vocals give it a celestial quality. The production is impeccable, resulting in a hypnotic and beautifully crafted track that’s certainly worthy of your attention providing a sense of escapism and wistful reflection. It certainly bodes well for her forthcoming album. 


IMG 1593

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