Autobahn : Post History

“We’re Putting the bahn back together” 

A few years back Autobahn were one of the most exciting bands to have come out of what was loosely [and some might say lazily] termed the industrial post-punk scene. They had swirling menacing guitars, singer Craig Johnsons’ powerful strident stentorian vocals and dark poetic lyricism, a dynamic live show …… and then they seemed to disappear. But now they return some five years after their last record and are about to follow up their second album The Moral Crossing as they bring forth news of a brand new album!

Ecstasy Of Ruin is released on Tough Love on Friday 28th April 2023 and whilst we wait the band have released a new track “Post History” proving the 2023 iteration of Autobahn has lost none of their compelling fire. It’s a track brimming with hypnotic thunder conjuring up thrilling a dystopian soundscape, where bleak desolation never sounded quite so uplifting.

 Talking about the track, Craig Johnson of the band had this to say: Post-history, is a philosophical look at what happens after society ends. Does the concept of the past also come to an end? There would be no consciousness to understand history.  

After being introduced to the theory of post-capitalism, I began to believe that all major historical events might be behind us and that my worth as an individual is diminished. It seems there is no escape from the capitalistic beast: fall in line or be forgotten.  This led me to question the point of all the struggle.  

Which brings you to think “Who gives a fuck?”.  

The video is a nod to experimental filmmaker Takashi Itoh. It depicts the human form, how it can be distorted, and a way to break on through. 

The track listing of the album is as follows:

1.   Post-History

2.   Silver

3.   Acid Child

4.   Fields Of Blood

5.   Tension

6.   Cylinder

7.   Ecstasy Of Ruin

8.   Breather

9.   Vanity

10. Class War

Cat. No. – TLV162

The album, available digitally, on CD and on limited edition white vinyl can be pre-ordered HERE


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