The world seems to be finally waking up to just how good Brighton’s Black Honey are.  Their latest track “All My Pride” which is from their forthcoming  Headspin EP could be the track that really sees them power on through if not to the mainstream at least to a wider audience. It’s an angrier sounding Black Honey, this time, around on a track that doesn’t piss about clocking in at just under three minutes. Yet in that short space of time manages to encapsulate everything that’s great about Black Honey – the attitude, the melodies, Izzy’s intensity and vulnerability , Chris’s spiralling effulgent guitar work, their cinematic swirl … the whole fucking deal.

If you haven’t seen them live, and we say this with zero hyperbole,  prepare to be blown away as they are quite simply exceptional.  In fact, if you don’t come away from one of their live performances in awe and riding a huge post-gig high all the way home – we suggest checking your pulse as you’re very likely bereft of life.

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BlackHoney Live Photo By Andy Von Pip


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