Black Honey : “Out Of My Mind”

Black Honey’s latest single ‘Out of My Mind ’is a return to, and expansion of , their classic sound, a blend of anthemic indie pop and rock with an emotive skyscraping chorus. As ever it comes replete with a rather fabulous video with nods to Hole’s Live through This,  Carrie and the seminal Sergei Parajanov classic Tommy and His Magic Shiney Trousers.

It’s hugely impressive that Black Honey are still able to produce such spectacular work whilst remaining fiercely independent, but it doesn’t come without having to make huge sacrifices as their new ‘Behind The Curtain’ mini-documentary series reveals ( see below)   It provides a fascinating and often raw insight into what it takes to keep an indie band going and reveals some of the curve balls they’ve faced of late, from losing a band member to hospitalizations to the pandemic as well as showing how the band have found new ways to engage with their hugely supportive fans. 

They have a new album being readied for next year and of this new track  Izzy say  “It’s about wanting to go anywhere to escape the war in my head,” and “ zooming in on a scene where I’ve said the wrong thing as always and hating it, that anxiety of not knowing how to be”

Black Honey Lead Press CHARLIE BRONSON low res 1

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