Bleach Lab : Indigo

Bleach Lab serve up yet another inspired slice of shoegaze-infused dream pop goodness in the shape of their latest single “Indigo” and the band’s uncanny talent for crafting evocative mesmerising immersive soundscapes is once again evident. As always, it’s Jenna Kyle’s vocals that steal the show. Her voice is a perfect match for the glittering ethereal instrumentation, as it effortlessly glides over the top, like calming summer breeze, initially transporting the listener to a place of serenity and peace.  

 However as the song progresses there’s an undercurrent of tension, as Kyle sings of the sky turning “Indigo,” darkening strings act as a presage to gathering storm clouds and suggest that things are about to take a darker turn. 

The track is inspired by being in a harmful relationship with somebody who repeatedly tries to convince you they’re sorry. Guitarist and co-writer Josh Longman explains “I started writing this with the chorus first and without a track for it in mind at the time. I liked the idea of an 80s movie where there’s a man trying to apologise and get his girl back by playing music out of a boombox while she sits on the window ledge. I thought it’s funny that it’s romanticised in film but it would never happen in real life. So I tried to play on that a bit and relate it to repetition and how it would look like if it happened today.”

We’re all very conscious about not making music that just replicates or sounds exactly the same as what we’ve done before,” guitarist Frank Wates reflects. “There have been a lot of quite big jumps in terms of influences and sound between all of our releases, and I think that’s an important part of our creative process.”


BleachLab Indigo artwork low res scaled

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