Blondshell: Joiner

Blondshell is the musical project of Manhatten singer-songwriter 25-year-old Sabrina Teitelbaum who found that a combination of getting sober and a global pandemic really helped her focus on her music allowing her to drill down and find the style that came naturally. This in turn led her to become an uncompromising songwriter without fear or as she once put it – “It’s the music I’ve always wanted to make but was too scared to”.  With huge tracks behind her such as the ragged majesty of “Veronica Mars” the doomed bleakness of  “Olympus” or the visceral rawness of “Sepsis,” it’s been Teitelbaum’s unflinching honesty, tackling subjects such as toxic men, addictions and her ability to shift gears and go from quiet reflection to huge grunge-powered anthems that mark her out as a special artist. Blondshell confronts subjects full-on utilising rage as catharsis and empowerment, and she certainly isn’t an artist to hide her feelings behind the metaphor.

Ahead of Blondshell’s self-titled album – produced by Yves Rothman (Yves Tumor, Girlpool, Porches) which will be out in April comes a more darkly reflective single in the form of ”Joiner” which took part inspiration from UK bands from the 90s. She explains “I was listening to a lot of Britpop when I wrote this song. A lot of those bands (the Verve, Pulp, Suede, Blur, etc.) channelled dark subject matter, drugs, and all this dirty stuff, but with a fun acoustic guitar under it. I was listening to the Replacements, too. That’s what this song was inspired by sonically. I wanted it to feel like you’re watching HBO, where even though it’s heavy, it’s still a good time.”


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