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Charli Adams, who, at 17, moved to Nashville to pursue her musical dreams has announced a forthcoming EP titled “Nothing To Be Scared Of” alongside a brand new track called “cry over everything.”  The EP is her first release since “Bullseye,” which garnered critical acclaim in 2021.

Whilst the title “cry over everything” might be styled in SMALL CAPS, this is a huge tune and yet another powerful indie pop anthem with “Taylor meets Avril” undertones. It certainly showcases Adams’s powerful soaring emotive voice and how she insightfully crafts stories that her burgeoning fan base can relate to. Adams describes it as a song about her “overactive tear ducts,” stating, “The title is actually an understatement. My eyes well up at the slightest trace of emotion, whether it’s good or bad. I cry when I yawn, laugh, or hear a well-written song. I’ve always been a deeply emotional person, and in my chosen career, that sensitivity is not only accepted but encouraged. This song is about embracing that part of yourself and recognizing its beauty and its crucial role in the healing process.”

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After becoming entwined in the alternative music scene in Nashville, Adams, with the support of her family, made the decision to relocate there permanently. She embarked on a journey of self-education, attending every possible underground show that Nashville had to offer. She watched bands like Soccer Mommy rise through the ranks and, amidst her shifts at a serving job, found time to perform regular shows with bands composed of friends from the scene. Additionally, Adams deepened her musical knowledge by purchasing CDs from a $1 crate at a local record store and cruising along the back roads of Tennessee while listening to albums by The Cure and Elliott Smith. These formative years of friendship, adversity, romance, and heartbreak laid the groundwork for Adams’ ability to craft lyrics that resonate deeply with her growing and devoted fanbase. She is rapidly establishing herself as one of the most remarkable storytellers in pop music.

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