Circe : Undone

Today’s second Track Of The Day arrives in the form of sultry dramatic dark pop with a hint of menace from London artist Circe (who we tipped back at the beginning of 2021) in the form of her new single “Undone.”

Appropriately for an artist who takes her name from a Greek goddess of sorcery, she certainly knows how to conjure up a tune. “Undone” is empowered atmospheric pop at its finest and was co-produced with Blood Red Shoes Steven Ansell.

“Undone” is a call to arms as Circe explains “I read the essay title:  ‘Femininity weaponised: a history of women with swords in art’  & copied it down with a note to myself – “Circe needs a sword”.  My song ‘Undone’ is the final form of that sword.” Expanding on the theme she continues ” “The line ‘Bring her to me’  is about summoning feminine energy – an energy I think of as impossibly powerful and emotionally available. Femininity is in no way exclusive to being a woman, I think all genders and people can tap into it. Especially in songwriting; when a song flips your heart or wrenches your gut, I feel that energy is very present.

The line  ’She broke him! Broke him!’ is a nod to the bad ladies of literature. Characters like Lady Macbeth or Clytemnestra who are seen as villains and cautionary tales always just resonated with me as empowering figures. Committing  acts of bravery and brutality,  they redefined what power can look like in the hands of a woman.”

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Monday 30th January – London – Wide Awake tips for 23, Shacklewell Arms

Thursday 23rd February – Leeds – DIY Now And Next Tour, Brudenell Social Club

Friday 24th February – Newcastle DIY Now And Next Tour, The Cluny

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