Coach Party : Micro Aggression

2023  looks set to be a big year for Isle Of Wight 4-piece Coach Party. We’ve been on board since their frenetic debut single “Oh Lola” back in 2019, and the band have carried on growing in terms of their songwriting and their fan base.  It’s often a bleak quest wading through the mountainous shit-strewn terrain some call “indie” in search of gems, but Coach Party are one such gem and have managed to avoid the pitfalls of what can often be an increasingly backwards-looking genre by
A. Being excellent
B. See A.

Their latest single “Micro Aggression” is no exception, it’s another huge tune full of powerful, propulsive energy, huge guitars and anger laced with acerbic wit. Speaking about the new single, Coach Party figurehead Jess Eastwood says: “This song goes out to those whose sense of humour largely involves micro-dosing others with hurtful and oppressive comments, followed by a “woah I was only joking” when they’re called out on it. Seriously, just learn some actual funny jokes. People like that.”

 Like, say professional shit house Lee Anderson for example? (Edit : Probably a bad example as he doesn’t actually attempt to mitigate the arrant bollocks that comes out of his mouth by passing it off as a joke ) 

Commenting on the ‘Micro Aggression’ music video Jess says: “It’s the first of our videos to be based purely on aesthetics, and without leaning on a storyline or specific location to lead the way. The energy and incredible creativity Daniel and Martyna brought was a joy to be a part of, and we are once again in awe of what minds like theirs can achieve with mere humans like us.” 

See Coach Party live in 2023:

10 Feb | Beam Me Up Festival, Lincoln

11 Feb | Beam Me Up Festival, Oxford

22 Feb | Voodoo, Belfast

23 Feb | The Grand Social, Dublin

6 May | Are You Listening Festival, Reading

20 May | Get Together Festival, Nottingham

23 May | Arts Centre, Norwich

25 May | Esquires, Bedford

26 May | Smokehouse, Ipswich

27 May | Bearded Theory Festival, Derbyshire

2 June | Vestrock Festival, Netherlands

3 June | Dauwpop Festival, Netherlands

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