Crapsons: “Ian Brown Is The Resurrection”

Unlike buckethead Ian Brown, there’s no danger of Birkenhead band Crapsons overstaying their welcome. “Ian Brown Is The Resurrection” clocks in at a hefty 51 seconds, which makes a Napalm Death ditty seem like a  Rick Wakeman Arthurian Rock opera. They certainly make brevity a virtue and with a lyric like “he’s an anti-vaxxer , he wears a bucket hat, and if you follow his Twitter,  he sounds a fucking twat” they manage to sum up Brown’s questionable anti-science views rather succinctly – I mean there’s no need to hang around and labour the point 

It’s from their album Songs to Make A Brew To  (and this isn’t the shortest track on it !) and it’s the first release on the band’s own independent label “Crap Records”. The band say  “ The album encompasses every day life and recent news topics and brought together for a series of miniature rants.”  It’s  released  today (18th March, 2022. )  which you buy HERE

Ian Brown


  1. Award Winning Porridge 
  2. Park People 
  3. 82 on the 55 
  4. Ian Brown is the Resurrection 
  5. The Sorbet Tandoori 
  6. Jenny Doody is a Grass 
  7. Petrol 
  8. Teabags & Strawberry Jam 
  9. Elephant in the Room 
  10. An Instruction To All Van Drivers 
  11. Poor Old Prince Philip 
  12. Fuck Off 
  13. Bandcamp Everyday 
  14. Insulate Britain? 
  15. Front Row Knobhead 
  16. The Final Echo

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