Crooks & Nannies : No Fun

“No Fun” is the title track off Crooks & Nannies EP  which arrives today ( Friday 13th January) via Grand Jury Music.

The duo of Madel Rafter (they/them) & Sam Huntington (she/her), wrote the track during a time of isolation and disassociation.

As Rafter explains “There was a man I saw a few years ago at an arcade in Philadelphia, sitting with an unwavering gaze on a Jurassic Park pinball machine. He had a big plastic cup half full with quarters on a stool next to him. He was set up before I got to the arcade and still staring at the game when I left. When I wrote “No Fun,” I was feeling really checked out of the world. It’s about feeling insular and lonely, rejecting other people’s attempts at connection but not being quite sure why.“The track begins with a solitary vocal, a strummed guitar and undulating wonky synths before swelling into a joyous chorus that whilst seemingly at odds with the lyrical content does hint at the hope of finding connection once more .

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