Essential New Artists : Ideal Host

So, I caught the end of a session on Marc Riley’s 6 Music show with an artist called Ideal Host. It transpired that this is the new musical project of former Slowcoaches members Heather Perkins and Sean Hughes and the song that piqued my interest was “The Resolution” which was actually one of those “stop you in your tracks moments. ” A track for which the slightly overused phrase “heartbreakingly beautiful” fits like the proverbial glove, and on repeated plays it had exactly the same effect, it is a truly stunning track.

Unfortunately, “The Resolution” ain’t out just yet, (although you can hear the live session here ) However Perkins told Riley that their return to music after some time out will see them take things slow and steady whilst working towards a full-length album and possible live dates next year.

After some serious googling I was left none the wiser as information on Ideal Host is a little scant and there seems to be no social media presence at the time of writing. I did find two tracks on iTunes which I dutifully downloaded and was blown away once more. Oh and there is a short but informative post over on Hard Of Hearing Music

And so as we can’t feature “The Resolution” yet, we can feature two tracks they have released so far, the spiky angular “The Conflict” which is quite brilliant ( a slight AuPairs vibe is ALWAYS a great thing) and the equally ace but more spaced out “Dining Out In The Afterlife.”

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