False Advertising – Give It Your Worst

False Advertising, release ‘Give It Your Worst’ via Too Pure Singles Club from their Brainless Ep.

The instrument switching Manchester based power grunge trio comprising of  Jen Hingley, Josh Sellers and Chris Warr come out with all guns blazing on a track that seems to be saying to life, ‘do your fucking worst, bring it on’.

It’s a powerful and compelling track that juxtaposes noise and melody perfectly and features snarling caustic duel vocals from Hingley and Warr, who manage to sound fucked off, yet ready to fight back.  Jen explained it was written at a time when  “I experienced this thing in my family that was just so cruel. It left me helpless, bitter and frustrated.”

It’s perhaps comforting to know that in the face of adversity, great music can emerge from the darkest of places.

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False Advertising
False Advertising

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