First Listen – JENNIE VEE – ‘Hospital Bed’

Candian-born singer-songwriter, guitarist, bassist Jennie Vee returns with a new single ‘ Hospital Bed’ which is the first song to come from her forthcoming “Suffer” EP.  It’s classic dream pop with a heart replete with cavernous bass lines, coruscating chiming guitars and a soaring urgent melody. She’s had a busy past 6 months having relocated from NYC to LA,  singing backups for David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), recording with John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, NIN etc) for his Black Needle Noise project and supporting Echo & the Bunnymen on a leg of their US tour.

Jennie tells us about the song

“All my songs are like pages ripped from my diary. If you come to my live shows, you know I’m not a huge conversationalist…I don’t like to banter in between songs and when I do it can be awkward and disjointed…but that is why I am a SONGWRITER.

This song is about watching a loved one struggle with addiction, feeling guilty for being angry about it, feeling angry about feeling guilty, making painful decisions, and the ones who make it and the ones who don’t.  My lyrics are often very stark, very direct, they often times make ME uncomfortable and I highlight this in the second verse when I describe the uncomfortable feeling of a forced intervention in cold and clinical surroundings.  I want the listener to feel like they have stepped into that moment with me.  I have previewed this song live a few times and have cried while singing it.”

She’s releasing her EP “Suffer” in December which is available for PRE-ORDER through her Pledgemusic campaign.  All pre-orders  will also receive exclusives like a remix of SPYING (by Tom Marsh from Lana Del Rey’s band, and our old mate Laura Jean Marsh’s bro), plus two exclusive videos for songs from my her first EP “Die Alone” and LP “Spying”, behind the scenes footage, and first listens of the new material and more!

Suffer EP via Pledge Music


Hospital Bed Lyrics

i watch you drift away
they cannot ease the pain
and words cannot express the things
that i have to say to you
intervention oh my god
emergency through and through
they are saying you could die and
this might be the last day
i watch you…

lie in a hospital bed
hopelessly disconnected
you better fight your demons
i know they got you bleeding

i gotta let it go
i plan to be gone then
we are both uncomfortable,
clinical illogical
underneath fluorescent lights
turn my back
to make it right
you’re the one whose suffering
how can i say anything
this might be the last time
i beg you

maybe you’ll go to rehab
maybe you’ll get better
don’t be like our father
dead after December
i wanna fight this disease
exorcise your demons
draws me in like a bad dream
but nobody can fight this
for you

everything is perfect
everything is quiet
whole in mind and spirit
silence shows our respect


Photo Credits : Nedda Afsari/Muted Fawn

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