GHUM: “Deceiver”

GHUM who comprise Marina MJ, Laura Guerrero Lora, Jojo Khor and Vicki An have released another single ahead of their forthcoming debut album Bitter in the shape of ‘Deceiver.’ It cuts a ferocious swathe on a track imbued with a swirl of agitated guitars and a vocal dripping with vitriol.

Laura Guerrero Lora says of the single:“It’s a story about a relationship where one of the parties is starting to discover a selfish side to their lover, disappointment after disappointment the trust starts running low and the love starts to fade away. The resentment and the anger is growing and the person observing all this deceiving and selfish behaviour is gathering their strength together to leave this person behind.”

The band who met online in 2016, with each member hailing from different parts of the world (London, Malaysia, Spain and Brazil) had initially bonded over bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Warpaint, The Cure and Soft Kill describe their debut album “Bitter” as “strong and a bit aggressive, a bit melancholic. It’s like us.”

Live Dates

7th May                          Hanwell, UK                              Hanwell Hootie Festival

20th May                       Cologne, Germany                   Haldern Pop (Artheater)

21st May                        Cologne Germany                    Haldern Pop (Jugendheim)

26th May                       London, Moth Club *                 

6th June                         Warsaw, Poland @ Klub Poglos *

7th June                         Prague, Czech Republic @ Kasárna *       

8th June                         Budapest, Hungary @ Instant *

10th June                       Aarau, Switzerland @ Kiff *

11th June                       Romans, France @ La Cordo *

12th June                       Paris, France @ Petit Bain *

14th June                       Bochum, Germany @ Die Trompete *

15th June                       Berlin, Germany @ Frannz Club *

16th June                       Darmstadt, Germang @ Oettinger Villa *

4th July                         London, Rough Trade East

9th July                           Bolton, UK                                 Right To Roam Festival

26th August                   Malaga, Spain                            Canelaparty

*supporting Soft Kill & Choir Boy

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