Gretel Hänlyn: Head Of The Love Club

Head of The Love Club, the second EP from rising artist  Gretel Hänlyn, is a striking collection of songs that showcase her exceptional songwriting talent and love for 90s alternative rock. The fuzz-heavy title track compliments Hänlyn’s dark gothic-tinged vocal perfectly, creating an eerie hypnotic soundscape. Maxi EP or mini album? Well, given the current cost of living crisis, the EP certainly represents value for money with a bumper EIGHT tracks that take the listener on a compelling journey through a range of emotions and styles.

The previously released ‘Drive,’ ‘Today (can’t help but cry),’ and ‘Wiggy’ are outstanding, but the additional five newer cuts including the propulsive rush of ‘King Of Nothing’  are equally impressive. Hänlyn leans into her influences such as The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, and PJ Harvey, as she expands her sonic palette and builds on the foundation of her debut EP, Slugeye.

It’s a brilliant and bold EP proving the buzz she’s been generating to be totally justified. Doubtless, there’ll be a couple of absolute whoppers wailing “industry plant”, who clearly have no clue how the music industry works. They should of course be laughed at and then roundly ignored, while the rest of us enjoy the music. This EP proves Hänlyn has the songs and the talent to make an even bigger splash in 2023.


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