Kaeto: No Body

Born in Scotland and now based in London, emerging artist Kaeto has been winning hearts, minds, and ears while on tour with Lauren Mayberry of late. ( That’s when I first caught her live and WOW)

Her latest single “No Body” demonstrates why she’s a future star in the making. There’s an undefinable quality to both her voice and her music which can veer from the soulful, jazzy, psychedelic electronica of Massive Attack toward the haunting beauty of the likes of Portishead. There’s genuine depth and talent here, and anybody who’s caught her live recently will attest that she’s got plenty more in her canon to come.

Whereas her debut single “Good Morning” was about imposter syndrome, “No Body” dissects social media addictions and modern vanity via our relationship with our smartphones. “Why are we all watching ourselves?” she asks on the track. “I’m not trying to be preachy,” Kaeto explains. “I’m exploring these things because I’m doing them and I can’t stop.””

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