Featured Artist – Kino Kimino

Featured Artist Kino Kimino

Welcome to our new “featured artist” erm, feature … or perhaps if we were being more truthful we should call it ‘artists we missed the first time around’ … because there is simply so much music to contend with as well as doing battle with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

And so our first featured artist arrives in the shape of NYC’s Kino Kimino whose debut album ‘Bait Is For Sissies‘ has had us in raptures of late (even if it did come out in June 2017 – fingers on the pulse here 😉 ) – But, y’know, just because it’s not near foetal doesn’t mean we shouldn’t blog about the band, right ? Kino Kimino is the musical project of Brooklyn-based musician and songwriter Kim Talon, whose work we were first introduced to by (credit where credits due) Dave Cromwell, our NYC based music blogging chum when she was performing as JAN back in 2013.

She released a fantastic album under the aforementioned JAN moniker, produced by John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney) in Seattle, but it’s under the Kino Kimino moniker that she has really hit the musical sweet spot. On ‘Bait For Is Sissies’ Kim enlisted the formidable talents of Sonic Youth producer John Agnello and SY co-founder Lee Ranaldo along with Steve Shelly which certainly added power and punch to the albums melodic gritty dynamic.

As a live unit, Kino Kimino consists features Tarra Thiessen of VPME faves Sharkmuffin and Brooklyn musician Jordyn Blakely on drums. One of the many impressive aspects of Talon’s songwriting is her ability to switch pace mid-song, which is at times reminiscent of Kristin Hersh/ Throwing Muses. Factor in Talon’s mellifluous vocal, a choice selection of killer off-kilter melodies plus propulsive percussion and edgy scuzzy guitars and Kino Kimino have everything in their arsenal to tick all our musical requirements. Let’s hope they can get over to the UK in the near future for some live dates, In the meantime, if you haven’t already check out the album below, do so forthwith as it really is quite wonderful.

KK 537

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