Track Of The Day – Knash – Lame

Track Of The Day – Knash – Lame

Let’s kickstart the week with some fast-paced ‘party punk’ from Stockholm in the shape of Knash with their latest single ‘Lame.’ The band were inspired by Kate Nash, (a clue might be their collective in the name) an artist who has turned her own negative experiences of sexism in the music industry into a positive by setting up programmes to encourage young girls to explore and write music on their own terms without interference, to be fearless, and to believe in themselves and reject man-ipulation. ‘Lame’ is a buoyant slice of speedball pop with an irresistible chorus with the underlying message coming from Knash is that ‘lamers’, ‘mansplainers’ and all round judgemental dickheads should perhaps only offer advice if it’s actually asked for.

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