Linn Koch-Emmery “Happy,”

VPME favourite, Swedish indie singer-songwriter Linn Koch-Emmery, returns with her latest single, “Happy,” released via Boys Tears Records. This marks the second offering from her upcoming album, “Borderline Iconic,” scheduled for release in May, and will quite possibly become one of my favorites of the year.

Following her 2021 Swedish Grammy-nominated album “Being the Girl” (full review available here), “Happy” delves into fanning the flickering embers of hope amidst the ashes of a doomed relationship. The track seamlessly blends driving guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and Emmery’s ethereal vocals, capturing both vulnerability and strength in equal measure.

It’s a powerful, hypnotic mix that showcases her talent for crafting catchy melodies layered with introspective, poignant, and poetic lyrics as she navigates the line between  fragility and resilience. The song is produced by The Vaccines’ Pete Robertson, who appears to be on a hot streak lately. Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Happy,” Linn states: “There’s never as much hope as in the beginning and right before the end of a relationship.”

Catch Linn Koch-Emmery Live:

March 19: The Social, London (UK) – Tickets Available

July 12-13: South Ocean Festival, Malmo (SE)

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