Lowly : Seasons

Danish quintet Lowly’s latest single “Seasons” is in many ways a perfect song to begin the year with.  A song to take comfort and consolation from as the twinkling lights of the festive season become all but a memory and give way to winter’s bleak grey embrace as another 12 months stretch out in front of us.

The band explain that “Seasons’ ‘ began life as a poem – “about the sun dragging the seasons over its shoulders as if it were a normal day job, coincidentally influencing all life surrounding it. And as the song progresses and the chorus hits, it turns into an abstract storytelling from a human perspective about time and life’s drifting by.” As the song progresses and builds, the band wanted to give the listener a feeling akin to ” being thrown in a rocket into space towards the sun.”

It’s from their forthcoming album  Keep Up The Good Work which is  due for release on February 17 via Bella Union.

Track List

1. What A Day

2. Seasons

3. Keep Up The Good Work

4. Happen

5. Feel Someone

6. The Fish

7. Yagaily

8. You Are Good And I Love You

9. Lead Me

10. 1321

11. Nothing Much

12. Took A Day of Feeling Sad

13. The We The You and The I

14. Mouth

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