Track of the Day – Midas Fall – ‘BDP’

When you posses the sort of voice Midas Fall’s lead singer Elizabeth Heaton has been blessed with, comparisons are inevitable.  Liz Fraser, Harriet Wheeler, and Amy Lee (possibly fronting Portished) are names that can easily be tossed into the ring when your ears first experience Heaton’s crystalline vocals.  However, whereas lesser singers may find such comparisons a heavy burden, Heaton’s vocal is so strong and so beautifully pure that it more than stands up to such analogising.

Whilst Heaton’s voice may be jaw droppingly beautiful, it’s also the dazzling nature of the song-writing and the shimmering but nuanced production that marks them out as a very special proposition indeed.  All of these qualities are very much in evidence on their second album ‘Wilderness’ which is due out on 8th April via Monotreme records. But whilst you’re waiting for the album,  today’s free download gives a foretaste of what Midas Fall have in store for your ears. Enjoy.

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