Track Of The Day – Miss World – Click And Yr Mine

Miss World – Click And Yr Mine

Well, well, well, Miss World appears to have had more “tracks of the day” on this site in the last few weeks than any other artist. In fact, she may well have set some sort of VPME record!  But so what? When the music’s this bloody good normal rules do not apply and “Click And Yr Mine ” is yet another insanely catchy cut from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Waist Management’.

Melodically it’s got a classic retro pop feel, a kind of ‘ Stop Your Sobbing’ meets ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ for Generation Y as it details the addictive instant gratification of one-click shopping. The myth we all buy into via advertising that consumerism somehow empowers us, when the reality for many of us is that it can have the opposite effect – it’s not just our purses that are left feeling empty.  Melody, attitude, a wry sense of humour and what’s fast becoming Miss World’s trademark sugar coated brattish punk-pop is driven by a classic scuffed up glam rock guitar stomp. Quite brilliant yet again!

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Miss World - Natalie Chahal -Click And Yr Mine


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