Track Of The Day – Miss World – ‘Put Me In A Movie’

Miss World – ‘Put Me In A Movie’

This one’s a bit special, it also encapsulates over the course of its brief, but perfectly formed 2 minutes and eight seconds exactly the sort of music we at the VPME love. Miss World is the new musical project of London/Toronto based artist Natalie Chahal (half of Shit Girlfriend alongside Laura-Mary Carter) who combines sugar sweet vocals with biting wit and a brattish punk pop sensibility.  ‘Put Me In A Movie’ is from her debut EP ‘Waist Management’ on the ever wonderful PNKSLM records and it’s not just the glorious girl group melodies and vocal which delight, it’s also the caustic lyrics, which drip with playful vitriol. Lyrics such as  “Daddy won’t pay to inflate my chest/ that’s ok cos my life is so groovy/ my life is so groovy, it’s so groovy/ now put me in a movie “ and  “All the boy’s they really like me/ All the girls they wanna fight me/ I’ll have fun ’till the day I’m dead/ with all this space, up in my head “ allows Miss World to shine a spotlight on the vacuous lack of self-awareness of the song’s protagonist. And of course, it’s exactly that lack of self-awareness that layers on the irony.

So who exactly is this Miss World character and the target of Natalie’s sugar coated barbs? Well, it could be about who ever we want it to be, from the latest wealthy “It Girl” to a critique of the self-loving “me” generation, the “Instagram influencer” who appears to spend every waking hour taking selfies and promoting an idealised version of a life that rarely exists. Or not.  But, whatever the truth, it’s a fact that ‘Put Me In A Movie’ is a fabulous song full of sardonic wit and perfect melody.

Miss World is set to make its live debut at PNKSLM’s annual Slime Ball weekender at The Old Blue Last in London on September 29, playing alongside label mates HOLY, Holiday Ghosts, Beachtape andLucern Raze (info here).

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