Molly Payton : “Do It All The Same”

London-based New Zealander Molly Payton returns with a new single “Do It All The Same” from her forthcoming EP Compromise. I caught her live for the first time over the summer and was blown away by the richness, timelessness and range of her voice, and of course the quality of her songwriting. “Do It All The Same” is the sound of an artist expanding into a space they genuinely deserve to occupy. It’s big bold and emotive and feels like a statement of intent.

 It was apparently written at a time when Payton was questioning whether she could continue to pursue her dreams whilst juggling hospitality jobs with meagre music budgets. She explains “This song came about after I’d had a particularly bad run of things. I was out of money and about to start a tour I couldn’t afford and really doubting my future. When you’re living that way it makes you really appreciate any consistency you can get your hands on, and for me that was my partner. ‘Do It All The Same’ isn’t anything profound or groundbreaking, It’s just me thanking another person for being there for me.”

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The Compromise EP continues this introspective streak, refusing to gloss over the unsettled origins from which it was raised, and titled in wry acknowledgement of the turbulence and upheaval which bonds its 4 tracks. “The last three years of my life have been one big compromise, and the songs are all about compromise in a way.” Payton adds, “I just turned 21, and I feel I’ve had to grow up quite fast.”  After returning to the UK in 2021 with a new partner in tow, the promise of the honeymoon phase soon gave way to a disorientating period of sofa-surfing, house-sitting, pet-minding, air bnbs and near constant uncertainty for the pair. Racking up a staggering 20 moves in the space of 6 months, whilst trying to hold down a hospitality job and a packed touring schedule, this constant stage of flux saw Payton gripping for any semblance of certainty and routine. The urge to create however never left, and Molly turned to another steadying force in her life, longtime producer Oli Barton-Wood (Nilüfer Yanya, Porridge Radio, Sorry) to help her set the foundations for Compromise.  

Molly Payton – Live At Leeds 2022 – Photo Andy Von Pip Photograhy

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