New Divide: Delora

Manchester newcomers New Divide don’t sound anything like “New Divide” (the Linkin Park track.) Mind you the band’s guitarists George and Tom have previously played in a number of bands with heavier inclinations so can we perhaps deduce that this has had a bearing on the band’s collective moniker? ( Thankfully they didn’t call themselves “Kyur4 Th Ich” eh ; ) )

They follow up last year’s elegant debut single“All I Am” with the equally impressive “Delora.”  It’s a perfect blend of alt-pop and rock and is hookier than a former Joy Division bassist on a fishing trip. Also given that the band is still in its infancy the production by George is hugely impressive as is singer Charlotte Isobel’s mellifluous delivery.

Thematically the track itself is pretty dark with lyrics such as “you only call me when you’re off your head, why can’t I be your drug instead.” “Delora” addresses cohesive control, toxic behaviour and gaslighting as Charlotte explains “Delora is the amalgamation of the toxic people in a relationship that manipulate their partner, controlling them through guilt and conditional love until they become the only one you rely upon. Written when their corrupted love turns to an obsession over another, someone, or something else, you learn that you have begun to covet their attention, to depend upon them.”

They are apparently working on an EP which no doubt will build on their burgeoning potential. Defo ones to watch!

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