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Bleach Lab – Old Ways


Bleach Lab, one of our tips for 2021 ( or perhaps 2022 if the year pans out like 2020 ) release a languidly beautiful new track entitled “Old Ways”  from their forthcoming debut EP A Calm Sense of Surrounding.

It’s a track that fuses singer Jenna Kyle’s shimmering, graceful vocal with guitarist Frank Wates’ coruscating guitar flourishes to create something sprawling, incredibly beautiful and strangely comforting.  Kyle sounds wistful, but there’s a sense of resigned anger in the mix as she explains “Old Ways” explores the angry side of the grieving process at the end of a relationship. Anger towards the way in which they treated you but also towards oneself for still missing them regardless.”   

The forthcoming EP melds together two traumatic experiences of grief; the death of bassist Josh Longman’s father and the breakdown of singer Jenna Kyle’s long-term relationship. In line with the collaborative ethos that informs the band, they both write the lyrics together and  A Calm Sense Of Surrounding explores the five-stages of grief – anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance. However, the band traverse the emotional undercurrents beneath this process often using the sea as a metaphor.  It includes the previous single “Never Be”  and certainly serves notice that Bleach Lab are hugely talented songwriters and musicians with an innate ability to craft beautifully affecting soundscapes underpinned by emotional intelligence and literate, poetic wordplay.


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