New Music – girlhouse – the fatalist

One of our tips for 2021 L.A.’s girlhouse (lower case) is back with their fourth single,  another liltingly beautiful track in the shape of  ‘the fatalist’ (also lower case). Singer  Lauren Luiz says of the track “I’ve learned that the only way to feel control in a shitty situation is to find a way to laugh about how we have no control over anything at all,” or perhaps dress up as a killer whale ?  ‘the fatalist’ is an exercise in bittersweet beauty and crestfallen resignation from an artist who hasn’t put a musical foot wrong as yet. The video below, if you were feeling reflective, ( and we are,)  could be interpreted as a metaphor for lockdown, trapped in our own sanitised bubbles like Shamu the killer whale whilst yearning for freedom and contact with our own species. Or perhaps a cautionary tale of what can happen when an acid trip goes awry.


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