Nisa : “Smokescreen”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Nisa releases “Smokescreen,” her infectious new single and the first taste of her forthcoming debut album, “Shapeshifting,” arriving April 26th via Tender Loving Empire Records.

“Smokescreen” is a glittering slice of indie pop, packed with shimmering melodies and hooks that lodge themselves firmly in your head. It’s a perfect introduction to “Shapeshifting,” an album that promises to explore themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and the exhilarating yet often uncertain path of transformation.

Nisa delves into vulnerability with “Smokescreen,” describing it as “the dance between seeking closure and the inability to fully let go.”It’s a song that details the feeling of being stuck in a loop of repetitive patterns, yearning for change yet expecting a different outcome. The song culminates in a powerful moment of self-awareness, acknowledging the courage needed to break free.

“Shapeshifting” Tracklist:

1. Ready… Set!

2. Pressure Principle

3. Currents

4. Dreamspeak

5. Dance Alone

6. Smokescreen

7. Vertigo

8. Breach

9. Crossing

10. Trance Form

11. Sea Glass

Live Dates 

5/7: Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right

5/8: Washington, DC @ Pie Shop

5/10: Boston, MA @ Lilypad

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