Picture Parlour : Norwegian Wood

Picture Parlour’s debut single ‘Norwegian Wood’ certainly captures the essence of the band and serves as a perfect introduction to those who haven’t caught them live yet. Picture Parlour is comprised of Liverpool’s Katherine Parlour, North Yorkshire-born guitarist Ella Risi, alongside bassist Sian Lynch and drummer Michael Nash.

The track, described as a “confession to a loved one,” was inspired by Haruki Murakami’s novel Norwegian Wood and its relationship with the iconic Beatles track. Propelled by glittering driving guitars, it highlights Parlour’s remarkable voice, which manages to traverse soul, blues, and rock, and is imbued with a genuinely spine-tingling timeless quality. Having caught them on that awkward late afternoon small festival stage slot, we can confirm they very much sound like the real deal. You can catch them live this summer at the following festivals.

Upcoming live dates

21 July | Macclesfield – Bluedot Festival

22 July | London – Visions Festival

Oct 14 | Leeds – Live At Leeds Festival

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