PISS KITTI : Leather Forever

Esme Brown and Clara Cicely were frustrated and pissed off. They saw a complete lack of inclusivity for queer people within the UK music scene and beyond. Indeed their local music scene did seem to deify derivative mutton-fingered retrograde lad rock above all else. And fuck me it was shite. And so PISS KITTI was born in 2017. They’ve come a long way since their early days, which mixed art and chaos and anger, and have over the last few years honed their sound without losing any of their edge. Their 2021 debut EP, For The Lovers, proved they now have the big tunes. Hurrah for a local band who appear not to have a vast collection of trainers, attire themselves from head to toe in jarg flammable sportswear or live permanently in the ’60s. 

“Leather Forever” is their first new material since signing for signing to Venn Records (Gallows, Witch Fever, Bob Vylan, Meryl Streek) and still is imbued with their garage punk spirit, and riot grrrl attitude whilst mixing sugar and spite with big fuck off choruses.

  It’s backed by the equally addictive  “I’m Jammed”  which actually came out last year. (and made our Top 100 songs of 2022)

Commenting on the new tracks, the band said: “‘Leather Forever’ is about the feeling of being in a dark place worrying about other people and feeling lost within yourself, not wanting to be here anymore, but then a switch flicks and you realise everything is okay. Noticing beauty in all the things that you never stopped and took the time to appreciate. That feeling when it’s been dark and rainy for a whole week then you wake up one morning and the sun is beaming through your window and you can feel the heat and you get comfort from it.”

“‘I’m Jammed’ is about the times you get yourself stuck in a situation with someone you care about so much, but they aren’t being open and honest with you. You want them to open up to you but they keep doing things that let you down. You can’t stop forgiving them for their actions because you believe eventually they’ll see their mistakes and everything will be okay.”

Esme Brown – vocals
Daniel Melia  – drums
Clara Cicely – bass/backing vocals
Harry Jones – guitar
PISS KITTI online:

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