Sad Girls Aquatics Club :Who’s Your Witness

Marie Mashyna and Chelsea Rumbaugh are Sad Girls Aquatics Club a synth-pop duo from Pittsburgh PA. They initially began working on music together after meeting at college and formed Side Eye in 2016 producing a “girls in the garage” grunge pop sort of vibe. Sad Girls Aquatics Club is a rather different affair with the duo crafting elegant synth-pop together, or as they call it “break-up pop for idiots.” 🙂

Today’s track of the day arrives in the plural and features “Who’s Your Witness”  which is from their EP “Easier” and has a rather more fuzzed-up sensibility with echoes of their former project. It’s apparently “a tongue-in-cheek send-off to that frustrating situation of a person that you can’t wait to never see again” but it certainly shows the ability of the duo to fashion indelible and insanely catchy pop hooks.

Today’s second track “Beyond The Blue” is a far more gentle affair, all undulating synths and almost whispered vocals, which slowly build before unfurling and resolving in a majestic wistful synth-pop finale.  Both tracks are currently available on a pay-what-you-want basis on Bandcamp.

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