Sick Day : Overexposure

This one premiered on Under the Radar (where I also write) the other day and it was right up my musical street. Chicago’s indie rockers, Sick Day, mix melody and fuzz on their latest track “Overexposure,” the title track from their forthcoming EP landing March 14th on Substitute Scene Records.

Olivia Wallace’s voice cuts through layers of crunchy guitars and pounding drums, revealing a sweeping chorus as melodic harmonies break through the noise. Bassist Kaity Szymborski calls “Overexposure” her favourite track – and for good reason. It’s a sonic rollercoaster of raw emotion, “It’s like a million paper cuts,” she says, where you feel like the problem and the solution are all rolled into one.

The music video is, erm, all about tomatoes! But the fruit that is often referred to as a vegetable acts as a metaphor for our own internal battles. Our main character, struggling with self-doubt, can’t even ask for a sandwich without tomatoes to be remade. This simple thing turns into a major hurdle, showing how we often prioritize others’ needs over our own.

But fear not, there’s a happy ending! The video shows our hero scripting out a plan for next time, and guess what? They get their tomato-free sandwich. It’s a small victory when one feels overwhelmed and demonstrates that we can overcome our self-imposed limitations.

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