Skating Polly: I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing”

Skating Polly are back with a new single and video in the shape of “I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing”(with a ‘z’ or an ‘s’ depending on which side of the pond you are ) – it’s the second track to be taken from their new album Double album ‘Chaos County Line‘, which is set for release on June 23rd via El Camino Media, and is their finest album to date.

“Doctors don’t think I’m sick / Just a self-important prick” Kelli Mayo sings, but she’s not singing about Donald Trump’s brush with COVID instead she’s sending up her past relationship mistakes with a sense of wry self-judgement and self-awareness.

“This song has some of my favourite lyrics on the record” she comments. “It was originally inspired by my very real habit of over-apologizing, and then the concept came to me to write it from a perspective of constantly hurting someone you’re wildly in love with, which is a feeling I, unfortunately, know all too well. So, some of it is definitely hyperbole, but some of it is about my short-lived love affair with the bass player from Starcrawler. And the super huge prick I make myself out to be as the narrator is my big fear of how I must’ve come across to him and is also a furthering of many apologies I’ve given him on the matter…”

Chaos County Line’ will be released on June 23rd via El Camino Media.

‘Chaos County Line’ track list:
1. Baby On My Birthday
2. Masquerade
3. Hickey King
4. Girls NIght
5. All The Choices
6. Booster Seat
7. Hush Now
8. Rabbit Food
9. Tiger At The Drugstore
10. Singalong
11. Someone Like a Friend
12. Double Decker
13. Charlie’s Brother
14. Send A Priest
15. I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing
16. Not Going Back Again
17. Man Out There ft. David Yow
18. Party House

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