Spyres : The Thing

Glasgow four-piece Spyres release a wonderful slice of soaring effervescent indie pop in the shape of “The Thing” ahead of their new EP Karaoke Sellout ( out 24th November.)

Following the previously released ‘Sleep Forever’ and ‘Money’, ‘The Thing’ isn’t a special Halloween single inspired by John Carpenter’s take on a science fiction masterpiece, but is more about ambiguity as the band explains; “‘The Thing’ just speaks for itself. When those words were brought up in a writing session, we thought there were so many avenues to go down and so much it could be about hence the extensive lyrics in the chorus and bridge. We never actually come to a conclusion of who or what The Thing is as we wanted to give it a real edge and leave the listener wanting to know more.” 

So that clears that up then! 

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