Sunday (1994): Tired Boy

Really enjoying this debut from Sunday (1994) a new band that explore “everyday magic.” Their debut single, “Tired Boy,” blends confessional lyrics, melancholic guitar, and cinematic vibes to create a bittersweet anthem for the complexities of modern life. The trio, Paige Turner ( I do hope that’s her real name ) , Lee Newell, and the enigmatic drummer called simply X, ( did they replace the original drummer, twitter?)take inspiration from 90s romance films. Their music, created in their one-bedroom apartment, resonated online before their official debut as Newell reveals “We uploaded a few songs to Tik-Tok to finally see if we were criminally insane or if indeed these songs could mean something to someone. Instantly we had thousands of views and people begging us to release them. We picked our jaws up off the floor and got to work.”

It’s a song of bittersweet beauty, and they even manage to make lyrics about erectile dysfunction sound deeply poetic

“And the way your mouth changes shape,
When you’ve had one more 1664

then you said you were gonna have,
But it loses it’s charm,
When you can’t get hard “

‘Tired Boy’ was the first song they wrote together, which felt like an “obvious starting point.” Lyrically it’s about “being in love and ultimately jealous with someone so careless and clumsy, yet somehow everything always falls in to place for them,” says Turner.  

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