Track Of The Day – Team Picture – Classic M

Team Picture – Classic M

Dunno about you but we’re utterly sick of flaccid fey young men writing songs about the depth of their sensitive little souls. Here’s a hanky, dry your eyes and fuck off. Leeds newcomers Team Picture sound like the antithesis of that ghastly stylised dribbling aural bed wetting and arrive with a swagger, a snarl and armed with a huge rumbling beast of a tune in the shape of ‘CLASSIC:M’ (whatever that means?) It’s a menacing, twisted dirty slice of rock n roll of some distinction which may appeal to fans of The Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Hives.

Apparently, the band’s first release ‘Birthday Blues’ was extremely well received by online music scribes. This fact completely passed us by given that we studiously avoid 95.6% of online music posts which are now nothing more than beige PR fluffing blandishments and an empty race to be first. You know that quote from Stewart Lee about being spoon fed warm diarrhoea? But we digress, it is genuinely nice to know there are still musical outlets out there that at least have some taste and it’s not all wall to wall bleeding heart hipster Ed Sheeran with an edgy makeover. Anyway, this is an astonishingly great tune and hopefully, there’ll be plenty more of the same from Team Picture in the near future.


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