The Jesus And Mary Chain: Girl 71

Scottish legends, The Jesus and Mary Chain, are set to embark on a new and possibly more peaceful chapter with the release of their upcoming album, “Glasgow Eyes,” on March 22nd. While the album promises to be more experimental than some fans might anticipate, the Reid brothers haven’t strayed too far from their roots. Following the release of singles “jamcod” and “Chemical Animal,” they’ve just unveiled their latest track, accompanied by a video, “Girl 71,” via Fuzz Club. This latest offering delivers more traditional Mary Chain fare with a driving rhythm and Jim Reid’s iconic drawl.

“Girl 71” might also be one of the Mary Chain’s most optimistic tunes to date, melding powerful pop melodies with a driving, garage-rock edge. The song touches on themes of self-loathing and ultimately finding redemption through human connection, with Jim Reid’s cool as fuck delivery sweetened by the backing vocals of Rachel Conti.

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