The Last Dinner Party: My Lady Of Mercy

The Last Dinner Party return with their latest tune,  ‘My Lady Of Mercy’. Following on from their previous single, ‘Sinner’, and their soaring debut, ‘Nothing Matters’, this single adds more depth to their already eclectic oeuvre.

‘My Lady Of Mercy’ is already a live favourite with its sly and nimble change of pace, Prog/Goth leanings, and theatrical flourishes. When you see it live (and you really should), you’ll appreciate what an accomplished guitarist Emily Roberts is. And as with their previous singles, it firmly “plants” itself in your head 😉

The Last Dinner Party describes it thus: “We are expanding the world of The Last Dinner Party to encompass a darker, heavier atmosphere. The lyrics explore the anguish of a teenage crush that can only be described through the bloody, carnal language of religious experience, as the soundworld takes cues from Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey, and Roxy Music.” And you can’t argue with that.  Although doubtless those who are inclined to enrobe their vacuous noggins with tin foil probably will.

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