The Von Pip Podemic Podcast – March 2024

The Von Pip Podemic podcast returns, gushing white-hot musical steam from its huge musical funnel, featuring some of the best new releases so far this year from emerging artists such as Sunday 1994, Bored at My Grandma’s House, The KVB, Agnet Bla, Blondshell, Linn Koch Emmery, SPRINTS, Chalk, English Teacher, Swim School, The Last Dinner Party, and more (plus classic Slowdive).

Personally, I think it highlights that music is as good as it’s ever been. Don’t listen to jaded old gammon-hued f**kers who have become all that they once hated. The talent is there; sadly, it’s the musical support system and infrastructure that are broken in the industry.

Don’t let cynics dampen your love for music – there’s incredible talent out there! Tune in and support the future of music. #VonPipPodcast #NewMusic #SupportEmergingArtists

Click Play below

Sunday (1994) – Tired Boy

Bored at My Grandmas House – Show & Tell

The KVB – Labyrinths

Agent blå – Discount

Blondshell – Cartoon Earthquake

Coming Up Roses – Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

Linn Koch-Emmery – Ebay Armour

SPRINTS – Shadow of a Doubt

Slowdive – Star Roving

Babehoven – Birdseye

Maya Hawke – Missing Out

Waxahatchee – Bored

English Teacher – Albert Road

gglum – Eating Rust

Chalk; Fears – Bliss

Parsnip – The Light

Lambrini Girls – God’s Country

Low Girl – Icarus

swim school – Give Me A Reason Why

The Last Dinner Party – Burn Alive

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