Thick – Loser

NYC trio THICK are back with another rollicking fast-paced grunge-pop track in the shape of “Loser”

Following on from their acclaimed debut album ‘5 Years Behind’ ( you can read my review for Under The Radar HERE ) and single “Love You Forever”, “Loser” continues in a similar vein, on this fast-paced sonic fuck you to the doubters mixing driving guitar riffs, insouciance and melody. It’s from their forthcoming album “Happy Now.”

About the track, THICK share: “Especially in music, it’s so easy to feel like a loser and a fuck-up. We want people to know that it’s okay to mess up and that everyone’s a loser sometimes. It’s really the best way to live, instead of trying to be number-one all the time.

This song is an anthem for everyone who feels outshined and overlooked by the people around them. Ultimately, it’s about using that chip on your shoulder to do better and realizing that you’re never going to be a winner if you keep using other people as your measuring stick.”


Happy Now is out August 19th on Epitaph Records.

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1. Happiness
2. I Wish 2016 Never Happened
3. Loser
4. Tell Myself
5. Her Chapstick
6. Your Garden
7. Montreal
8. Wants & Needs
9. Maybe Tomorrow
10. Disappear
11. Something Went Wrong

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