Track ( and Video) Of The Day- Friday Freebie – IO Echo – When the Lillies Die

IO ECHO is Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross. They mix industrial beats, dream pop and driving electro with the sort of gorgeous pop melodies that makes us want to go out and quite literally  fuck rainbows.  It’s the sort of song one could happily get obsessed with, one that raises the spirits and makes the world seem a slightly better place. In fact the polar opposite of  that utterly dreadful new Blur offering, a dirge which adds nothing to our existence and somehow contrives to sound like the WORST Oasis B-side fused with the crowbarring emotional pathos of Flanagan and Allen. But we digress(as ever),   IO ECHO have fans in high places, they were apparently  hand picked by Trent Reznor to open for Nine Inch Nails at the band’s last ever tour show and have also recently composed the score to the Harmony Korine + James Franco film “Rebel” ( which probably isn’t, on reflection, a biopic centred around the exploits of  Uncle Sandy’ s dog from  Champion The Wonderhorse)

 Arggh!  We are about to go into severe “new band crush mode !”  Nurse !

IO Echo are currently putting the finishing touches on their début album and if “When The Lillies Die” is an indication of what lies in store we imagine our ears will be quivering with unmitigated  joy upon it’s release.

They’ve  just put the video online which manages to combine the of visual rhythm of Bergman, the surrealism of Dali  and , erm…  an episode of  “Lost”

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