Track Of The Day (2) – Black Honey – Hello Today

Black Honey are back with another new song tune ‘Hello Today’ and it sounds very much like you’d expect a Black Honey song to sound. This is, of course, a good thing, a fusion of pop and rock with an upbeat and empowering tune that masks darker lyrics. Chris Ostler’s guitar riffing sounds wonderful, the only problem is it’s actually shorter than Ronnie Corbett in his stocking feet after an encounter with Wayne Szalinski’s electromagnetic shrinking machine – ‘ Honey I Shrunk Black Honey!’  

 It’s a tune that sounds exhilarating live and is another fine addition to a series of releases that starts to read like a greatest hits album. It also features artwork by the ace Nadia Lee Cohen, who we know from her fabulous work with Chloe Black and Shannon and The Clams – (hopefully, a video collab will follow ?)   Perhaps the only concern we have is, isn’t it time for that debut album to get recorded and released?  We aren’t quite sure about the logic of the record industry, but we do know for an unassailable F.A.C.T. that the biggest and most powerful labels still have offices in dormant volcanoes and hatch their evil plans which often involve making awful musicians famous! So wouldn’t it be nice if they reversed that trend and decided to help make a great band bigger than Jeremy Corbyn’s mandate? (which by all accounts is HUGE, not that he ever likes to talk about it you understand 🙂  )  Isn’t it time a record label  stood up and roared “This is Black Honey, we love them and soon the world will know their name!”

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