TRACK OF THE DAY – angelic milk – Tie Me Up

angelic milk, (lower case because apparently caps lock is BAD KARMA man ) started out as the bedroom project of Russian wunderkind Sarah Persephona. She was discovered by Stockholm based label PNKSLM who have, over the last few years, gained a justified reputation for unearthing some of the most exciting new talent from around the world.

On hearing Sarah’s music they say “we were blown away, even more so when we realised it was the project of a then-sixteen-year-old girl who was recording it all in her bedroom in Saint Petersburg, Russia.” And we heartily concur with their appraisal because since her remarkable debut single ‘IDK How,’ Sarah has continued to demonstrate that she possesses an innate ability to craft timeless, off-kilter, warped guitar driven pop. It’s edgy, unselfconscious, coming of age of pop devoid of affectation and delivered with charm, attitude and a wry sense of fun.

Their latest single ‘Tie Me Up’ was announced on Facebook with “We’ve got a new song for you to do dirty things to” and we assume they don’t mean the gardening, but it’s a dazzling reverb-soaked example of angelic milk’s (they are now a four piece) soaring synthesis of wonky 60’s melodies with a punky garage infused vibe. It really is f**king wonderful stuff punctuated by a driving wall of guitars and Sarah’s breathy lip curling vocal.

‘Tie Me Up’ is from angelic milk’s forthcoming ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’ EP which is due for release on July 15 via PNKSLM Recordings.


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And here’s the video from their previous release, the equally wonderful ‘ Rebel Black’



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