Track Of the Day – Dream Wife ‘FUU’

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Dream Wife share a new (old track) ‘FUU’ , which we’re pretty sure had a limited release via Haus of Pins label last year and was the track that first brought them to our attention.  Jagged guitars, and a raucous sugar coated nettle sting roar dominate this magnificently malevolent attitude packed track. It’s certainly more ‘spite’ than ‘spice’ girls , and when lead singer Rakel Mjöll, sings “I tell you what I want what I really really want, I wanna FUCK you up” you really do believe she means every snarly throat-shredding word.  The band describe ‘FUU’ as being about ‘taking no prisoners. It’s heavy, it’s scary, it’s cheeky and the most fun ever to play live.” And we second that , we saw them support Black Honey recently in Manchester and they were absolutely magnificent !

‘FUU’ is an extended fully formed version of the original with a guest appearance from Fever Dream (ex-Reykjavíkurdætur) on rapping duties and as you might expect it kicks the proverbial butt!  We’ll be catching them again on 1st  November in the Arts Club Loft, in our hometown as part of Liverpool Music Week, and if you’ve not seen them live before prepare to be blown away!


Full list of shows below.

31/10/16                   Moth Club, London – SOLD OUT

01/11/16                  Arts Club  Loft, Liverpool

03-05/11/16               Reykjavik, Iceland Airwaves

08/11/16                   The Social, London – FREE

17/12/16                   The Green Door Store, Brighton

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Dream Wife Live By Andy Von Pip



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