Track Of The Day – HICARI – Catch Fire

2016: End Of Days   – “The final dying star flickers brightly and then implodes, the universe collapses into the atramentous abyss as an impassive God looks on – ‘Ah well, it was fun whilst it lasted’ she/he shrugs …. yet one solitary voice still echoes around the eternal void …….”

“I have the biggest mandate in our party’s history. I have a huge responsibility and I am carrying on with that responsibility.”

F**k me, 2016 has to be THE most depressing year we can remember, and with Brexit we fear things can only get worse! So perhaps with our return to blogging we can bring some light to illuminate the darkness . Liverpool synth poppers Hicari take their name from the Japanese word 光 (hikari ) meaning “light” and their music is certainly glittery enough to illuminate even the darkest recess’s of Michael Gove’s shriveled obsidian Machiavellian soul.  Their latest single ‘Catch Fire’ is an effervescent soaring slice of synth pop, which whilst having more than a foot in the 1980’s doesn’t sound in anyway retro, indeed if it doesn’t get your toes a tapping, then you’re probably…  erm … Fred Titmus?



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