Kid Wave – Twenty Four

Kid Wave  Twenty Four

It seems somewhat fitting that our first post of 2018 ( and the way the year has started quite possibly our last) arrives in the shape of VPME faves Kid Wave. Fitting because one of our favourite track of 2017 was undoubtedly Kid Wave’s masterful ‘Everything Changes’.

And now Swedish wunderkid Lea Emmery returns with another glistening reflective slice of chiming pop in the shape of ‘Twenty Four.’ Despite being based in L.A. when she penned the tune it isn’t actually a tribute to CTU or Jack Bauer, (of ’24’ fame) but a reflection on her wanderlust, her time spent in the States, growing pains and the ups and downs in relationships.  And perhaps a wish that at the age of 24, life could be more settled (but quite possibly less exciting.) She’s now back in the UK, after a year in Trumpsville, spent writing and recording new material as well as supporting the Shins on tour. ‘Twenty Four’ was written between shifts when Lea was saving up for a ticket home and was working as a waitress in a café bar. Phil Oakey was not apparently, a customer.

‘Twenty Four’ still has all the classic Kid Wave hallmarks we know and love, and yet there’s a definite shift in the overall sound, one perhaps that marks a new phase in Lea’s songwriting informed by her restless spirit, thirst for adventure and of course her peerless talent. It’s another glittering gem from Kid Wave and there’ll be more new music to come this year, hopefully in the form of a brand new album. For Londoners, Kid Wave play Birthdays on 26th January for the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait.

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Kid Wave Twenty Four

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