Track Of The Day – Mary Epworth – “Long Gone (Admin Remix)” Exclusive.

Normality returns to Von Pip Towers after last weeks musical mayhem over at Liverpool Sound City (and at which today’s artist performed  and we missed her – D’oh.)  Our  “Track Of The Day” is a VPME exclusive, an Admin remix of Mary Epworth’s  forthcoming singe ‘Long Gone’, which is out on June 11th on Hand Of Glory as a digital download. Remixes are funny old  things, on one hand it’s pointless producing one if you’re  just replicating the original and adding nothing new, on the other hand you can so radically change the original song that they bear little relation to it. This remix probably falls into the latter category and takes the very bare bones from the original transforming it  into some kind of ambient chill core come down tune. It’s a free download too.

If you’re new to Mary’s work  you may find “Black Doe” below is more representative of her music, she’s a kind of classic mix of folk, blues and pysch rock and can switch between them faster than George Osborne can say ” Let’s have some more champagne David”

Mary’s album ‘Dream Life’ is released on CD, LP and digital download on 18th June though Hand Of Glory / ADA. You can pre order it HERE

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