Track Of The Day – Pale Waves Television Romance

Pale Waves Television Romance

Manchester’s indie pop new comers Pale Wales return with brand new track ‘Television Romance’, but what sort of reception will it get? (ho, ho). It’s the follow up to their sublime official debut single for Dirty Hit Records  ‘There’s A Honey’ and to be honest it isn’t a million miles away from that track, indeed there are points in the chorus that sound like it’s actually going to morph into said debut.  But it’s another lovingly crafted slice of slick but heartfelt indie, one that you could imagine being featured in a John Hughes montage featuring Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy. As such it will appeal to pop and indie kids and highlights the melancholic winsome appeal of  Heather Baron-Gracies fragile vocal.

Interestingly we’ve noted some online dissent, namely that since joining Dirty Hit records Pale Waves have changed … in all honesty their new songs compared to earlier recordings sound pretty much the same albeit a little more polished and expansive.  But not polished to the extent that the band’s personality is erased. We’ll let the earnest indie kids and smug poptimsits fight that one out, we’d rather just listen to the music.  But there will always be those for whom wax strip home demos, preferably recorded in a tin bath using “guerilla”  instruments such as a rolling pin and a wooden spoon, will be viewed as somehow more authentic. “What you used an actual guitar??  And worse still you FUCKING TUNED IT ???  What a sellout ! “

Let’s face it Dirty Hit have a pretty impressive track record when it comes to working with and developing new talent, and we’d expect to see Pale Waves on numerous tip lists come the start of 2018, quite possibly including the BBC’s Sound of.

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